Trellisys has established a partnership with Divalto to bring mobility to your operations. Available natively on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, these solutions are easy to mesh with your existing environment and device roster and are made to integrate seamlessly with your ERP installation.


SwingBusiness enables your commercial team to shed non-valuable activities and focus on their main purpose: sale.

Out of the box, the SwingBusiness base module will enable your field sales team to better manage their time, exchange information with your ERP, process administrative tasks and keep an eye on commercial activities.

SwingBusiness also sports modules such as on-the-fly sales, long-term business relationship management or merchandising.



SwingService is an application specifically designed for field technicians, enabling them to access all the information they need while out on a job.

No more operating blind : your technicians will always possess the knowledge the need, at the moment they need it.

On top of simplifying the supervision tasks and managing the knowledge regarding your teams activities, SwingService can also manage your maintenance activities (whether preventive or curative), organise your job rounds and track time.



To counter the issues associated with developing and maintaining applications for a diverse range of operating systems, SwingStudio brings into play a unique multi-platform technology.

Acting as the SDK (Source Development Kit) for all SwingMobility applications, SwingStudio can also be used to develop from the ground up new mobile applications. Intuitive and powerful, SwingStudio gives you the tools you need to harness the power of mobility.


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